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April 05 2018

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Responsive Design Makes Sense for Almost Every Denver-Area Business's Website

Even only a decade ago, the most common way by far to access the Internet was to use a computer of some kind. Equipped with relatively large displays, even in the case of most laptops, personal computers encourage a certain type of Internet usage by their very nature.

Since then, things have changed greatly. A couple of years ago, mobile devices for the first time overtook personal computers in terms of the frequency of Internet access they enabled. Since then, the gap has grown even wider, with some experts expecting that the trend will continue for years to come.

Businesses that rely on their websites to inform customers and develop relationships with new clients can simply not afford to overlook this development. Fortunately, experts at website design in the Denver area are ready to make sure every business will be prepared.

Responsive Website Design Should Be the Default in Almost Every Case Today

A website that does not display well on mobile devices can end up serving a majority of visitors poorly. Whether because its fonts are too tiny to read comfortably on a small smartphone screen or because it is difficult to navigate by touch, such a site can become a liability to the business that owns it.

Finding and working with the right Denver web designer will ensure that such problems will never arise. By making use of an approach known as responsive design, these experts are able to create sites that function just as well on smartphones as on personal computers. Some of the considerations that this technique accounts for include:

Screen size. The monitor attached to a desktop computer today can easily span hundreds of square inches. With so much visual space being available, designers have plenty of room to stretch out with their creations. On the other hand, the screen on even the largest available smartphone will only ever be a fraction as large. A website that can recognize and accommodate the size of the screen it will be displayed on is one that will serve every visitor well.

Screen orientation. Most desktop and laptop monitors today are significantly wider than they are tall. While smartphone users can generally choose how they hold their devices, many default to orientating them vertically. Once again, sites that can work well in either layout will always do a better job of keeping visitors happy and engaged.

Local Web Development Experts Have What It Takes

By choosing the right Web designer Denver, businesses can be sure of their own sites benefiting from such capabilities. With mobile device usage becoming even more common, that can end up being a truly important move.

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